The Advisors Guide to Reverse Mortgages in Retirement Income Planning

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For the last several years Reverse Mortgages have grown in popularity, and recent research now suggests that their appropriate and strategic usage may be helpful in positively impacting retirement outcomes. Historically, the financial services community has either simply dismissed reverse mortgages or relegated them to use as a last resort. However, much has changed and the absence of knowing how they work and incorporating them into retirement planning conversations could lead to less than optimized outcomes for your clients.

Join American College Professor and Reverse Mortgage expert Don Graves, RICP® as he shares practical case studies and academic research that demonstrates how the prudent use of the housing asset is dramatically improve retirement outcomes.


•Why Are the Mass and More Affluent Are Turning to Reverse Mortgages? • How Reverse Mortgages Can Eliminate the Most Powerful Risks to Retirement Income • Why FINRA Changed Their Reverse Mortgages Position and What That change Means for Advisors • How to Sell More Annuities, Life & LTC without Ever Using the Proceeds of a Reverse Mortgage • How the Five Core Reverse Mortgage Strategies Match The 5 Biggest Retirement Concerns of Boomers • How Advisors Are Impacting Existing Clients and Acquiring New Clients with Investable Assets • How Reverse Mortgages Integrate with Retirement Income, Investments, Annuities and Insurances to Create Enhanced Outcomes Not Otherwise Achievable • Increasing Tax Efficiencies, Sustainable Withdrawals Rates, And Increasing Plan Longevity

The advent of the DOL standard has heighted the awareness that advisors have a responsibility to do what is in the best interest of their clients. Part of that responsibility means staying informed about current thoughts, trends and legitimate resources that could have a positive or negative effect upon their ability to help meet their client’s retirement goals.